The SRG business strategy defines the most important challenges for the coming years and sets priorities with the aims of the company in mind.

Our business strategy takes into account all sectors of the company, whether they are external (offering and market, mandate) or internal (processes, finance, HR). Our strategy shows us in which direction we should develop.

The digital revolution has captured the media world. The SRG’s business strategy is the compass that leads the way to a digital multimedia house. It ensures that all Enterprise Units pursue the same main aims and that all employees know these aims well.

The Enterprise Units (RSI, RTR, RTS, SRF, SWI), the departments (e.g. Operations and Finance) and the subsidiaries (Technology and Production Center Switzerland AG, SWISS TXT AG, Telvetia SA and Mxlab AG) derive their individual sub-strategies from the business strategy. The strategic guidelines also determine the development of our plan and guide the people responsible for programming and production through the specification of priorities for their department.

Aims of the business strategy

We are geared towards the users and therefore provide our services in the places where the users are.

Specifically, the SRG will

  • cultivate an independent and challenging form of journalism whose professionalism sets standards;
  • expand its offering for a mobile, young and urban audience and for people with a migration background;
  • step up contact with media users, especially via social networks. The SRG uses online channels and HbbTV to interact with its audience;
  • target regional, national and international cooperations;
  • live up to its responsibility for the media community, the economy and a sustainable society;
  • engage in innovation and increase its agility; promote a digital corporate culture.