SRG SSR goes out to meet the people in Switzerland

As a public service media entity, the SRG has a specific role to play in the media ecosystem and seeks to better understand how the population perceives its contribution to society, in terms of social cohesion, democracy, cultural diversity and economic impact.

A new form of dialogue

How does the public understand this public value? What are the themes that the SRG should focus on developing in order to fulfil its public service media mandate? How does it differentiate itself from other media?

To answer these questions, the SRG has introduced a new form of dialogue with the population, through a large-scale consultation. This consultation showed, for example, that 82% of respondents consider that the SRG is valuable for Swiss identity and national cohesion. However, one in three people believes that it could listen more to the needs of society.

Seven major themes for the SRG were also identified:

  1. Programming tailored to young audiences
  2. Quality and balance of information
  3. Citizen participation
  4. The Swiss dimension of programming
  5. The visible representation of diversity
  6. Constructive participation in the media ecosystem
  7. Dialogue and openness to criticism