SRG login

Your SRG Login will allow you to access a wide range of products and services from SRG and its enterprise units (RSI, RTR, RTS, SRFand SWI) that require a user account. Your SRG Login consists of your e-mail address and a password. In the future, you will be able to use the same SRG Login to access all SRG’s services.

The SRG Login system will be expanded to cover more products and services from SRG and its enterprise units (RSI, RTR, RTS, SRF and SWI) from 2021 onwards. The SRG Login system makes life easier for users. All you need is a password to access all SRG products and services. Your profile settings, including your e-mail address and password, are stored centrally, which means they can be used across multiple products. 

The SRG login can currently be used for the following services:

Why do I need an SRG Login? 

Generally speaking, you will still be able to use SRG products and services without a SRG Login. Some features of our products and services have needed an account for a long time, such as the ability to comment on news stories published on the websites of SRG’s individual enterprise units. SRG only requires users to have an account where this is needed in order to provide the material concerned, either because of the nature of the content, or for technical or legal reasons.

Does the SRG Login and related products and services process personal data? 

We process personal data when you use the SRG Login and related products and services. Personal data can be understood as personally identifiable information. More about how we process personal data in our FAQs section here.