External quality audits 2021

Article 4 of the Charter requires SRG to have regular quality inspections carried out by external specialists with the appropriate qualifications and experience. For the period 2020 to 2022, the team led by Professor Vinzenz Wyss from Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) has been entrusted with this task. 

In 2021, the auditing team assessed the implementation of the quality assurance system in a specific organisational unit. Specifically, these areas were the “1945” project (SRF), the “Forum” editorial staff (RTS) and the “Telegiornale” editorial staff (RSI). Just like for the audit 2020, the results ranged from positive to very good. After the assessment, the auditing team confirmed that the quality assurance structures in all three enterprise units comply with the requirements of the SRG Charter.

The 2021 audit focused on four dimensions. Very good results were achieved in the two dimensions on "communicated quality principles, quality objectives and standards" and "audience concept, audience involvement". Regarding the dimension "training, staff and organisation", the requirements were well met and for the dimension "safeguarding processes", they were largely achieved. 

The audit clearly shows that the SRG fulfils the obligation laid down in the Charter to operate a quality assurance system that includes the definition of content and formal quality standards for each area of its editorial offering as well as the establishment of fixed processes for their review. In some areas, the quality assurance system requirements were exceeded.

Optimisation recommendations

A closer look at the individual dimensions of the study revealed a certain potential for optimisation in the formulation of a programme's objectives regarding target groups, as well as in the involvement of staff to improve quality-relevant documents. 

The quality assurance managers are taking the recommendations very seriously and are keen to see them implemented as soon as possible. 

Priorities in 2022

This year the audit will also cover RTR and SWI. The following areas were selected to assess the implementation of the quality assurance system:

RSI: gameshow "Zerovero"
RTR: television news programme "Telesguard"
RTS: news offer for a young audience "Nouvelles plateformes"
SRF: podcast "News Plus"
SWI: the entire enterprise unit