Training and development: an investment in journalistic quality

Each year, we invest around CHF 8 million in internal and external education and training for our employees.

Internships enable young journalists to get a foot on the professional ladder: 50 interns undergo a 12- to 24-month trainee programme focussing on «on-the-job» journalistic training. 

Since 2010, this training has followed a three-pronged approach. As well as regular internships, we also offer short-term schemes lasting between one and six months, from which many young professionals benefit every year. In comparison, the number of apprentices at SRG is somewhat low. This is because Switzerland offers many apprenticeships for technical trades and support functions, but not for journalism or publishing activities. Sound journalistic training is essential for Swiss journalism.

For this reason, we support journalism courses in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland. SRG is a co-founder of the Lucerne-based Swiss School of Journalism (MAZ), which was established in 1984. Via an annual contribution to the MAZ Foundation, SRG also provides financial support for training prospective journalists.

In western Switzerland, we offer short-term internships to prospective journalists from the «Académie du journalisme et des médias de l’Université de Neuchâtel» (AJM) together with the «Centre de Formation au Journalisme et aux Médias» (CFJM).

RSI maintains partnerships with cantonal and federal institutions and also with local publishers, for example to organise the «Corso di giornalismo della Svizzera italiana».

Last updated: May 2023