Corporate and services strategy 2023-2024


We will highlight the ways in which we add value, and will promote an open and diverse society in Switzerland.


Our multilingual public service will put the public first and foremost. We will stand out for our quality, relevance and independence, not only in our news services but also in culture, sport and entertainment. Our content will always meet high standards for originality and storytelling. This will also enable us to encourage debate in Swiss society.

We will invest in fact-based, strong, critical and independent journalism and provide balanced reporting. By distinguishing between factual information and opinion, and by presenting in-depth and analytical features, we will be the Swiss people’s leading partner in the fight against “fake news”. We will thereby empower the population to participate in political life and will make a recognisable contribution to bolstering democracy in Switzerland.

We will ensure that the population is kept well informed even in crisis situations.

We reach different sub-sections of the public in their everyday lives by offering a range of distribution channels and content formats.


We see ourselves as a cross-media public service company that serves the whole nation. Through our digital services, we reach more people, especially those who are increasingly consuming little or no linear radio or TV. Our digital services have a focus on audio and video and be easy to find and available on the leading platforms. Our content is highly relevant to users with different interests who consume it in different ways. Its value to society will be clearly identifiable and attributable to our corporate brands.

We handle our users’ data responsibly.

Our services emphasise our regional roots.


As a Swiss public service company, we offer a Swiss perspective on both national and international affairs.

Being rooted in the regions allows us to provide insights into what they have in common and what makes them unique, thus promoting the perception of a Swiss identity. At the same time, we ensure that our services resonate with all people living in Switzerland, and bring them together despite their different lifestyles and environments.

We will invest more in Swiss-made productions, particularly fiction and documentary films. We encourage interregional exchange across all vectors and in all genres.


Our programmes bring the Swiss people together.


We are creating shared experiences for every section of Swiss society, covering major national events across culture, sport, politics and entertainment, and thereby making an active contribution to social cohesion.

Licence fee payers who do not use our services will recognise the legitimacy of our services.

We will expand our services and lower barriers for people with sensory impairments.
We will contribute to creating and maintaining the nation’s collective audio-visual heritage.

We encourage dialogue with and within society.


We and our sponsors are committed to adding social value to public service media. We enter into dialogue with the public and relevant social groups to explain and discuss what we all expect and require from public service media in the digital age. Working together with our sponsors, we will engage in regular exchanges with people from a wide range of backgrounds. This will allow us to build a closer relationship with Swiss society, increasing its understanding of, and trust in, SRG as a public service broadcaster.

We make a strong contribution to Swiss ecosystems: in media, education and culture.


We seek out and cultivate working relationships with players on the national and international media scene, and with other public service companies and institutions. In this way we create added value for our users. Whenever it’s possible for us to enter into a partnership which is of mutual benefit, we try to do so, whether that be in terms of content or distribution.

We cultivate working relationships with independent writers and producers and with the audiovisual industry.

We will intensify our cooperation with start-ups, universities and higher education institutions working on innovation and research in the fields of media, technology and communications.


As an employer, we promote diversity and inclusion and actively protect the personal integrity of all our colleagues.


Our employees are our most important resource. We will make the most of their knowledge and potential, and work together to help them develop even further. We promote a culture of learning through a range of attractive, targeted professional development opportunities, and support occupational mobility. We will make the company more attractive overall to talented experts and specialists.

We are an attractive employer for anyone, regardless of who they are. We regard respect, mutual appreciation and trust as central to the way we work together. We actively promote internal discussion, transparency and mutual understanding between staff members at all levels of the organisation.

We promote diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities. We are committed to ensuring balanced representation of all genders in all roles. We are creative and open to new working arrangements, and we will help colleagues to balance their jobs and their private commitments by allowing flexible working hours where possible.

We will increase our business agility and efficiency and use our resources carefully.


The different regions collaborate to create synergies that are beneficial for the company as a whole. While journalistic content is produced regionally, we will invest jointly in new technologies and processes – and control these nationally where this makes sense.

Together we will establish the technologies and organisation to give the public the maximum benefit from existing and newly created data.

We will work together to develop new production methods, review the standards for our facilities and infrastructure investments and implement flexible working models. We will make our working processes simple, flexible and results-oriented.

We will maintain a certain degree of financial flexibility. Our cash flow will enable us to finance our investments. Thanks to our equity capital, we are ready to face possible risks.

We take our environmental, social and economic responsibilities seriously.


Whether in our role as employer, producer of media content or procurer of goods/services, we will follow the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, placing an equal focus on environmental, social and economic sustainability. We will evaluate sustainability risks carefully and minimise negative effects on the environment and on stakeholders in society.