Corporate and services strategy 2021–2022


We will highlight what makes us different and how we can add value.


We will stand out from our competitors by providing a relevant, high-quality public service. We will invest in strong, critical and independent journalism and provide balanced reporting. At the same time, we will use constructive journalism to illustrate a variety of perspectives from a world undergoing profound changes.

We will develop our cultural and educational services, particularly on digital platforms, and work together with relevant stakeholders. We will prioritise films and drama series from outside the mainstream.

Our online news services will be distinguished by a clear focus on video and audio content.

Our services will meet high standards of originality and storytelling.

We will aim to achieve a balance between digital services and broadcasting within three years.


SRG and its enterprise units will perceive themselves as cross-media companies whose various vectors compliment and stimulate each other. We will interact with the communities and develop alongside them.

We will aim to achieve a balance between digital services and broadcasting within three years, and will use data-based capabilities such as personalisation to make our content more visible and our platforms more attractive.

We will develop new formats and new ways of telling stories, as well as new distribution models that are in keeping the expectations of young people and serve the needs of people consuming media online and on the move. We will promote data-driven decision-making in managing our services.


Our services will emphasise regional anchors.


We will invest more in Swiss-made productions, particularly in series. For music production, we will expand inter-regional exchanges for all types of music.

Being anchored in the regions will allow us to provide insights into what they have in common and what makes them unique, thus promoting Swiss identity. At the same time, we will ensure that our services resonate with all people living in Switzerland, and bring them together despite their different lifestyles and environments.

Our inter-regional partnerships will support projects at national level and encourage the exchange of services.


Our programmes will reach and speak to every target audience.


We want to continue to create shared experiences for every section of Swiss society, covering major national events across culture, sport, politics and entertainment – and we want to do it live wherever we can.

Everyone in Switzerland should see our products and services as directed at them, regardless of their gender, age, background, religion, sexual orientation, disability or lifestyle. We will expand our services for people with sensory impairments.

We will contribute to creating and maintaining the nation’s collective audio-visual heritage.

We will encourage an open, transparent Swiss society. 


We will communicate and explain the public service values we represent through a regular dialogue with society at large. Working together with our sponsors, we will engage in regular exchanges with people from a wide range of backgrounds, thus deepening our knowledge of their needs and requirements. This will allow us to build a closer relationship with the Swiss society, increasing their understanding of, and trust in, SRG as a public-service broadcaster.

We will handle usage and user data carefully, provide clear information about how that data is used, and draw up guidelines on data processing.

As far as possible, we will make our archives available to the public for anyone to use. We are acutely aware of our responsibility to this and future generations, and are committed to sustainable business management.

We will make a strong contribution to the Swiss media ecosystem. 


We will continue to work together with all stakeholders in Switzerland’s private media landscape wherever it makes sense to do so, including with private radio and TV channels, press groups and independent digital platforms (‘pure players’).

We will cultivate strong working relationships with independent writers and creators, as well as with the AV industry.

We will intensify our cooperation with start-ups, universities and higher education institutions innovating in the media, technology and communications sectors. 


Agile leadership and corporate culture: Helping our colleagues to innovate. 


We will strengthen managers’ roles and skills to create a dynamic management culture and support SRG’s transformation into a cross-media company. We will make the most of our colleagues’ knowledge, and develop it even further.

Mutual respect and ensuring everyone is valued will be central to everything we do. Within our organisation, we will actively promote mutual understanding among colleagues with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

We will be an attractive employer for people from a diverse range of backgrounds, whatever their gender, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or lifestyle, and whether they have a disability or not.

We will promote a culture of learning through a range of attractive, targeted professional development opportunities, and support occupational mobility. We will ensure teams are designed to be as diverse as possible.

We will be committed to ensuring equality of opportunity and balanced representation of all genders in responsible roles.