SRG SSR boosts the scope of its content and strengthens the Swiss media area through cooperation. SRG cooperations either provide access to content or direct financial support.

National TV window of the Swiss publisher. SRG provides Presse TV with transmission time for its own TV window.

Broadcasting of a German-language satellite programme of ZDF, ARD, ORF and SRG. SRG provides cultural programmes and editorial services which account for around 10 per cent of its entire programming.

European cultural TV channel. SRG participates in joint productions.

Schweizerische Landesphonothek is tasked with collecting, developing and preparing sound media for use in content which is related to Swiss history and culture.

SRG is a founding member of Schweizerische Landesphonothek.

Glückskette is the charitable arm of SRG. It holds collections in times of disaster – man-made or natural – and contributes to financing the major Swiss aid programmes.

SRG is a founding member of Glückskette.

Memoriav is an association for the preservation of Swiss audiovisual cultural heritage.

SRG is a founding member of Memoriav.

MAZ is the leading journalist college in German-speaking Switzerland. SRG supports MAZ with CHF 250,000 each year. SRG employees also share their knowledge and ability: the education departments of Schweizer Fernsehen und Radio implement joint courses with MAZ.

SRG stations provide their partners with a video cooperation of up-to-date videos of the most important news at home and abroad.

Media partnerships

SRG SSR promotes cultural creativity and life in Switzerland through its media partnerships. In particular, the SRG supports events of national importance. In the regions, the SRG stations complement this engagement with additional, individual partnerships.