Culture for the whole of Switzerland

Culture links tradition with the present and the future. Culture is constantly changing and encourages us to discover new things. Culture provides insights, perspectives and inspiration. Culture is a public service.

Experience culture in all its diversity

We set the media stage to showcase Switzerland’s cultural scene right across the country: 14 % of our TV broadcasting time and around 5 % of our radio airtime is devoted to cultural reports. As a partner of numerous events, we help to create culture and propagate it.

Promoting cultural creativity

Music, culture and literature reflect Switzerland’s cultural and linguistic diversity. We systematically promote them and help to make culture accessible to the public. Around 19 % of our expenditure goes towards this. We believe in Switzerland as a cultural centre and are committed to championing it.

SRG SSR, as media partner, promotes numerous cultural events.

Always something happening

Our radio stations and television channels provide extensive coverage of cultural activities. We shine the spotlight on the cultural scene and those involved from all angles and offer all kinds of culture-related information, from book reviews and festival reports through to concert footage – in four languages, and across all regions.

Switzerland – a cultural nation

Whether it is traditional, mainstream or niche, culture reflects the diversity of life and offers something for virtually everyone: two thirds of the Swiss population produce culture themselves in some form or other, thus enriching our everyday life.

Around 70 % of people in Switzerland visit museums, monuments or cinemas or attend concerts at least once a year. Some 50 % go to the theatre on a regular basis, while 20 % are frequent visitors to cultural institutions.

Culture speaks for itself

Culture is the name of the game on SRF 2 Kultur in German-speaking Switzerland, Espace 2 in the French-speaking region and Rete Due in the Italian-speaking part. From avant-garde to folklore – our broad spectrum of cultural programmes reflects the diversity and tradition of our country’s rich cultural output.

We offer fascinating and inspiring documentaries and discussions on music, art, literature, film and theatre, bringing the world of culture to life.

Culture – that means:

14% of TV broadcasting time
5% of radio broadcasting time
19% of the costs