Entertainment for everyone

Entertainment is fun, playful and exciting. It educates, captivates and inspires. In a multilingual country like Switzerland, it facilitates understanding between people. Entertainment conveys topical issues in a simple way, takes a humorous view of life and opens up new perspectives. Good entertainment is a public service.

Experience entertainment in all its diversity

Good entertainment transcends boundaries. Every year, SRG’s television channels devote around 4100 hours to show programmes, musical entertainment, quizzes, competitions and game shows, circus acts and artistic performances, chat shows, cabaret, comedy and traditional entertainment.

Good entertainment speaks for itself

Every evening at prime time, hundreds of thousands of viewers and listeners all over Switzerland tune in to our programmes. They follow discussions and debates with celebrities and stars. They laugh and cheer when Swiss people show their talent or struggle over tricky tasks. And they immerse themselves in worlds full of tragedy and humour, thanks to our films and series.

Entertainment means:

2,600 hours of entertainment in TV
1,500 hours of entertainment in radio