Entertainment produced by us

Our entertainment programmes are a showcase for Switzerland – a Switzerland with wide-ranging interests and strong values. We entertain people with unmistakably Swiss content, which is why we place a great deal of emphasis on our own productions.

We spend CHF 312.7 million on entertainment and film, which amounts to 21 % of our overall budget. 87 % of this goes on our entertainment productions and the remaining 13 % is put towards those produced externally (2019 figures).

In 2019, the SRG Enterprise Units came together to produce the two-part drama documentary ‘Dynastie Knie – 100 Jahre Nationalcircus’ (The Knie Dynasty: 100 Years of the Swiss National Circus). Using the drama documentary format gave us the opportunity to reflect the story of the Knie Dynasty in all its manifold complexity. The film was a combination of archive montages, fictional scenes, eyewitness testimonies and documentary-style examinations of the main characters. The creation of the programme for the circus’s current anniversary celebrations, drawn up by the Knie family over the course of a full year during their 2018 tour, provided the dramatic core of the production.

“The 100-year history of the Knie Swiss National Circus is part of Switzerland’s history in its own right. You might even say it’s part of our identity. The childhood memories and experiences of generations of Swiss people are bound up with this circus – myself included.”
Gilles Marchand, SRG Director General