Democracy for everyone

SRG reports independently from politics and business. Its service makes an important contribution to the freedom to form opinions. And freedom of opinion is a fundamental component of democracy. Democracy is public service.

SRG’s strengths from the perspective of the public:
informative value

OFCOM study

We stand for a strong media community in Switzerland. Digitalisation is transforming our living environment and also revolutionising the media market. Instead of laborious research work and valuable classification services, algorithms are used to provide people with content tailored to their consumer behaviour.

However, as a media company that contributes to freedom of opinion, we provide an independent and balanced form of journalism. Instead of commercialism, we provide information and guidance.

An OFCOM study regarding the programme quality of private and public media demonstrates that the public values our independent and objectively classified reporting. Our services help people to form their own opinions and have a positive effect on the quality of public debate.

Opinion building

An efficient, independent media system makes a significant contribution to Switzerland’s public interest. Efficient democracies mostly have strong public media.

In countries with a high market share of public broadcasters, people’s trust in the media is usually also high. We are open to the new opportunities in a digital and interconnected world. We use them if they serve quality and help to shape opinions. At the same time, we constrain ourselves to respect our users’ privacy.

We leave people to form their own opinions and offer a balanced style of journalism, even in the digital era. We encourage diversity of opinion and dialogue between interest groups. This is how we guarantee that political discussion remains democratic.