SRG SSR is an independent, public media company that provides a multimedia public service in all regions and national languages of Switzerland. It is also an association and is therefore firmly established within society.

SRG SSR supplies the whole population of Switzerland with an attractive and diverse selection of radio, TV and online content on the themes of information, culture, education, entertainment and sport. The content promotes freedom and diversity of opinion in Switzerland and provides an important service to society.

The Swiss Radio and Television Act (RTVG) and the Charter of the Federal Council obligate SRG to enter into a public service contract.

SRG SSR derives three quarters of its revenue through licence fees and one quarter through advertising. Thanks to this financial model, it is independent from political and economic groups. It can therefore also produce content which would not be financed by the market.

We reflect Switzerland in a way that nobody else does. We are:

  • SRG SSR has a presence in all regions and is the only media company to create audiovisual content in all national languages.
  • SRG SSR generates around 75% of its funding from licence fees and is thereby financially and politically independent.
  • A federalist association that is open to all with 24,000 members runs the SRG SSR
  • SRG SSR fulfils a mandate and operates within the limits of the Federal Act on Radio and Television (RTVA) and a charter granted by the Federal Council.
  • SRG SSR guarantees Swiss solidarity, sharing the revenue generated from licence fees to provide a complete and equal programme everywhere.
  • SRG SSR produces content specifically directed toward people with a migratory background, those with sensory disabilities, young people and even those who are abroad.
  • It also gives humanitarian aid in situations of crisis and disaster at home and abroad.
  • SRG SSR stations cater for the entire population with an attractive range of radio, television and online content in the areas of information, culture, education, entertainment and sport.
  • SRG SSR is an important support for Swiss culture.
  • SRG SSR radio and television programmes reach 94% of the Swiss population on a weekly basis.
  • SRG SSR wins people over with its quality and credibility, as is proven time and again in surveys.
  • SRG SSR controls, ensures and monitors quality using internal controls and external surveys, as well as through the federal governing body.
  • With its technological expertise, SRG SSR is shaping the process of digitalisation.
  • With 6,000 employees, SRG SSR is the most significant employer in the Swiss media industry. Its activities create 13,500 jobs, both directly and indirectly (according to the 2016 BAK Basel study titled «Volkswirtschaftliche Effekte des gebührenfinanzierten medialen Service public»).
  • Annually, SRG SSR generates a revenue of CHF 283 million from advertising.
  • SRG SSR is a content and technology partner of media companies and a training partner of universities.

SRG SSR is one of the most transparent media companies in Europe.

SRG SSR at a glance:

  • Enterprise with 6,000 staff
  • 5 Enterprise Units
  • 2 subsidiaries
  • 17 radio stations
  • 7 TV channels
  • Comprehensive online services
  • 77% licence fee-financed

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