Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of SRG SSR comprises nine members. The Charter authority is responsible for ensuring that the SRG meets legal and licencing specifications.

The Board of Directors appoints a General Secretary who is not a member of the Board of Directors.

The nine members of the Board of Directors belong to the Delegates Assembly. The Assembly is responsible for electing the President who is both Chairman or Chairwoman of the Board of Directors and Chairman or Chairwoman of the Delegates Assembly concurrently. In other respects, the Board of Directors constitutes itself and elects one or two Vice Presidents.  

The Internal Audit supports the Board of Directors and its finance audit committee to exercise its supervisory and control duties. The Director General usually takes part in the right to table motions and an advisory vote at meetings of the Board of Directors.

A term of office on the Board of Directors lasts for four years. 


The Board of Directors appoints:

  • finance and audit committee
  • personnel committee
  • investment committee
  • digital transformation committee
  • transparency committee
  • SWI committee

The SRG President and the Presidents of the regional companies form the regional presidents working group.