Music is a cultural asset and a way of expressing what we feel. Music is a living tradition that unites generations. Music means freedom, knows no boundaries and is constantly reinventing itself. Music is a public service.

We broadcast concerts on the radio and show operas on television, bringing soul-stirring events to audiences everywhere. Our programmes reflect Switzerland’s musical diversity, while our media partnerships with music festivals enhance its reach.

Our stations play all kinds of musical styles and genres, including pop and rock, folk music, jazz, opera and classical works. In 2018, 66 % of our radio broadcasting time was devoted to music. SRF 2 Kultur broadcast around 260 concerts.

We promote music made in Switzerland

We play a full range of Swiss music across all our stations: around 20 % of the music featured on Radio SRF 1 and Radio SRF 3 is from Switzerland, with this figure rising to 42 % on Radio SRF Musikwelle and even as high as 50 % on SRF Virus. We also show over a hundred hours of footage a year from concerts performed by Swiss bands.

We award promotional prizes for music and newcomers to the Swiss music scene and regularly invite Swiss bands to perform live on the radio. SRF Virus and our online services give a young audience the opportunity to discover songs by up-and-coming musicians and explore the world of music beyond the mainstream.