FAQ Play Suisse

Play Suisse was born from our desire to give SRG’s rich and varied range of programmes and services a national dimension and make it available to audiences right across Switzerland. The platform allows users to access content of their choice from all four of Switzerland’s linguistic regions. The content on Play Suisse will be largely made up of programs produced in-house by SRG's enterprise units (RSI, RTR, RTS and SRF) and co-productions in which SRG participates under the Pacte de l’audiovisuel [Audiovisual Pact]. There will be a particular focus on documentaries and drama, including series and feature films.

During the launch phase, the platform will include around 1000 programmes from all four linguistic regions. We plan to add plenty of new content every week, and have set a long-term target of providing access to a catalogue of around 3000 programmes. 

That will depend on whether the programmes are co-productions with other broadcasters, or are produced entirely by SRG. SRG can make its own in-house productions – i.e. programmes financed entirely from SRG's budget – available on Play Suisse indefinitely. Co-productions will be accessible on Play Suisse for anywhere between six months and five years. 

Generally speaking, Play Suisse will provide content that is broadcast in parallel on our existing channels. Exceptionally, some content, such as co-produced festival coverage, will be made available exclusively on Play Suisse.

Play Suisse is designed to offer a wide range of Swiss-produced films, drama series, documentaries and features from all of Switzerland's linguistic regions, as well as the very best from the archives. All this content will be made available with the original sound and subtitles in three or four languages. Play Suisse aims to bring the best of all Switzerland’s regions together in one place, helping to build bridges between our different national cultures. The Play Suisse catalogue will provide users with access to a wide range of cultural, educational and current affairs programming, from Romansh-language productions like “Cuntrasts” to Italian-productions like “Storie” from the Ticino, “Temps présent” from the Suisse Romande and German-language educational programmes like “Einstein.” As the Play Suisse catalogue expands to cover an ever-wider range of subjects, users will gain access to a huge variety of programmes and series from other linguistic regions of Switzerland, many of which they will never have seen before. The programme also gives users personalised viewing recommendations to help them make the most of everything SRG has to offer, whenever, wherever and however they want.

You can access Play Suisse via your computer, smartphone (iOS, Android) or smart TV. The service is already on Apple TV and Android TV, and will soon be available as an app on Swisscom blue TV. Discussions with other telecoms and internet service providers are ongoing.

Play Suisse is funded from SRG’s standard budget, which comes from SRG’s annual licence fee. That means it is available to users at no additional cost.