Subsidiary shareholding

Subsidiaries are companies which belong at least 50 % to SRG SSR. The SRG heads these companies through representation at each Board of Directors. With the exception of TPC, these companies are not media producers.

Technology and Production Center Switzerland AG (TPC) is responsible for the production and technology of television, radio and multimedia for the SRG Enterprise Unit Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF). It also implements broadcast solutions on behalf of customers. TPC has 1,000 employees and is the market leader in Switzerland for “broadcast and beyond” products.

Legal form Limited company
Management Detlef Sold
Year of foundation  2000
SRG shareholding 100 %
Co-shareholder none

Website TPC

Swiss TXT is the Swiss navigator in this digital world. It knows how to ensure that customers’ aims are achieved and to discover unknown opportunities and new possibilities together. As an inspiring partner and pioneer , Swiss TXT helps to identify opportunities to implement innovative ideas and establish a sustainable voice in the digital world.

Legal form Limited company
Management Martin Schneider
Year of foundation  1983
SRG shareholding  100 %
Co-shareholder none

Webseite Swiss TXT

Telvetia S.A. is an affiliated company that works together with the Enterprise Units of SRG. Following Telvetia shareholdings are to be mentioned:

  • Mxlab AG, Bern: 51%
  • Telepool GmbH, Munich: 26%
Legal form Limited company
Management Jürg Schäffler
Year of foundation  1995
SRG shareholding 100 %
Co-shareholder none
Legal form Limited company
Year of foundation  2009
SRG shareholding 51 %

Genossenschaft der Urheber und Verleger von Musik (SUISA): 24,5 %
Schweizerische Interpreten-Genossenschaft (SIG): 24,5 %


The object of the company is to market advertising inventory and to provide advertising-related services, with a particular focus on Switzerland.

  • SRG SSR stake: 33%
  • Established in: 2016

Viasuisse AG collects, checks and processes road and rail travel information from all over Switzerland around the clock, forwarding it on to SRG SSR media and other customers in three languages. Viasuisse AG sources its data from the police and Swiss Federal Railways, etc., and also handles reports phoned in by drivers and rail passengers on the freephone numbers 0800 888 123 (German), 0800 817 818 (French) and 0800 800 020 (Italian).

  • SRG SSR stake: 42%
  • Established in: 2001

Online database for the media.

  • SRG SSR stake: 33.3%
  • Established in: 1996

Procurement, production and exploitation of television and cinema productions, as well as video and audio recordings for the domestic and international markets.

  • SRG SSR stake: 26%
  • Established in: 1963

Organisation of French-language television programmes via satellite.

  • SRG SSR stake: 11.1%
  • Established in: 1984

Operation of a news service to satisfy the needs of the Swiss news and current affairs media.

  • SRG SSR stake: 10%
  • Established in: 1894

European news station broadcasting in seven languages.

  • SRG SSR stake: 9.2%
  • Established in: 1993

Radio Events GmbH was founded in 2003 by the four SRG SSR Organisational Units in association with Publica Data AG, the Verband Schweizer Privatradios (VSP) and the Union romande de radios régionales (RRR) industry associations. Its objective is to hold events that promote and support the radio sector. The regular RadioDay radio trade fair events are just one example here.

  • SRG SSR stake: 12%
  • Established in: 2011