The SRG SSR timeline since 1931

Annual report 1942

The ‘Radio Orchestra War’

Proposals to restructure the radio orchestras trigger a bitter dispute. The issue was eventually debated in the National Council.

Félix Pommier resigns

A dispute with Post Office management prompts Félix Pommier to resign as head of the Geneva studio. He goes on to publish a pamphlet entitled ‘La radio sans mystère’ (loosely translated as ‘Unravelling the Mysteries of Radio’), which causes further controversy.

Annual report 1943

Pension fund set up

The SRG pension fund is established, underscoring SRG’s position as forward-thinking employer.

Demands for restructuring

As the end of the war approaches, calls for radio to be reorganised and ‘democratised’ begin to mount.

Annual report 1944

The licence is reinstated

On 20 July, the licence is reinstated, along with all the rights previously granted to SRG and its component bodies.

Morning news service shut down

The Zeitungsverlegerverband (Newspaper Publishers’ Association) and the Verein Schweizer Presse (Swiss Press Association) demand the abolition of the morning news service, which had been temporarily introduced in 1939. In the end, all bulletins produced by the SDA continue to be broadcast on radio, but the SDA is paid a higher fee for producing them.

The first in-depth news programmes appear

1945 saw the advent of ‘Echo der Zeit’ (Echo of the Times), and ‘Le micro dans la vie’ (Life with a Microphone). They were followed by the Italian-language ‘Il Quotidiano’ (The Daily) in 1948. SRG begins to develop a network of correspondents, operating in Switzerland and abroad.