The SRG SSR timeline since 1931

Broadcast trucks arrive

The SRG Head Office (known today as the General Management) and some individual studios acquire their first outside broadcast trucks, complete with state-of-the-art equipment.

Radio for Swiss abroad

Our short-wave service – known then by the German acronym KWD and today as, is founded, with a mandate to provide programming for Swiss listeners abroad and to raise Switzerland’s international profile. KWD was not the first station to broadcast programmes for Swiss ex-pats, however: the League of Nations station at Prangins had been used for this purpose as early as 1932.

Annual report 1935

Hans Lauterburg

Hans Lauterburg becomes SRG's third chairman. Term of office: 1935–1937.

Alfred W. Glogg

Alfred W. Glogg, a former Editor of the newspaper ‘Neue Züricher Zeitung’, becomes SRG’s second Director General. He led the corporation between 1936 and 1950.

Annual report 1936

Licence review

The new SRG licence comes into force. SRG is reorganised for the first time, leading to a much more centralised structure.

Raising the profile of radio

In an effort to raise awareness of radio, SRG organises a ‘radio relay’ encompassing a variety of sporting disciplines, including a flight from Lausanne to Bern.

Address by Federal Councillor Motta

Federal Councillor Giuseppe Motta addresses US President Roosevelt.

Annual report 1937