3 September is Digital Day!

News 03.09.2019

Digital Day will be held on 3 September 2019 and is designed to boost Switzerland as a «hub of innovation» by organising nationwide expos, courses, stage shows, talks, opportunities to have a say and start-up pitches on this year’s topic of «life-long learning». We have to learn how to deal with the changes that digitalisation brings in order to benefit from it.

Copyright: Digital Day 2019

SRF, RTS and RSI are joining in on this day to give its audience a better understanding of the digital transformation and its benefits and effects, as well as to critically analyse them. Digitalisation is also a central issue for the media landscape:

«The economic models for the print sector are under scrutiny, advertising is migrating to digital platforms, audiences are becoming increasingly volatile, videos are being exported to all sorts of screens, and audio is increasingly being used for interaction (chatbots).» Gilles Marchand, blog entry 27 of September 2018

So how is SRG addressing digital change and what is it doing in the field of digitalisation?