Digitalisation – what is SRG’s current position?

News 03.09.2019

The digital transformation can be felt in every area of SRG, be it music, archives or programming. The following examples are intended to show how the company is currently responding to digitalisation.

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Last year’s SRG theme evening on the digital future featured short reports from SRF, RSI, RTS and RTR as well as live broadcasts to the other language regions, highlighting the current status of digitalisation in Switzerland.


Digital backup of 55 years of television history

Swiss Radioplayer

This Internet platform, launched in 2018 by three Swiss private radio associations in collaboration with the SRG, enables listeners to access almost all Swiss radio stations. The aim is to make it easy to listen to radio in all entertainment technologies and on all devices so that Swiss radio stations and their content are easy to find and listen to with the best possible quality at any time and anywhere.

mx3: online music service database

All Swiss radio stations can now access this SRG online music service database. This access highlights SRG’s commitment to providing a complete digital service. Samuel Vuillermoz, Head of said: «After the launch of the ‹Swiss Radioplayer› app in 2018, we’re now taking another step towards an audio revolution.»

Dedicated online platforms and social media

Nowadays, young people mainly access media content online, using their smartphones or tablets.Therefore, SRG distributes its services not only on a linear basis, but also on its online platforms and on social media. «Our audience is at home on YouTube.That’s why we made a conscious decision with ‹Nr. 47› not to seek to bring the people to us, but to take the series to them.» Adrian Spring, author and producer of the SRF online series «Nr. 47»

Watching TV online

SRG content is available to watch via the websites, social media and mobile apps of the individual SRG television channels. Various broadcasters use software players to air SRG channels. The linear offering is additionally complemented by podcasts and live event streams in HD from SRF, RTS, RSI and RTR.

SRG Hackdays

SRG’s own «Hackathon» is designed to develop ideas, prototypes and projects in the digital realm and, if possible, to implement them in an Enterprise Unit. Further info can be found at

Hackday 2019