Digitalisation – where is SRG headed?

News 03.09.2019

The following examples are intended to show how the objectives of the Enterprise and Services Strategy 2019-2020 on digitalisation are to be achieved.

«Dataland» 2018

«We are aiming to achieve a balance between digital services and broadcasting in five years’ time.› Our objective sounds simple, but the challenges facing SRG are immense. We have been very active in broadcasting for 88 years. It’s not just the non-linear digital future that seems promising. What matters here is not looking back on a golden past, but the need to embrace a lot of change: in the offering, in the structures and in how people think. We are excited about this transformation. And the best way to do this is by networking and exchanging ideas. The Digital Day offers a perfect platform for open and honest discussion. It includes lots of inspiring moments. And this year’s theme of ‹lifelong learning› is also perfect for us as 88-year-olds who welcome change.»

Bakel Walden, Director of Service and Development SRG, in an interview with

Upgrading Radio and Television

SRG guarantees almost 100% coverage for households in Switzerland. With the digital future of radio and television in mind, SRG is continuously pressing ahead with the upgrading of both types of media. More information


It is set to replace teletext, as the technological framework conditions for maintaining teletext will no longer be continued from 2022.HbbTV is an open and international standard for the signalling, transmission and execution of interactive applications for receivers that have both a decoder for digital television and access to the Internet.

The digital, non-linear platform for SRG content

“SRG is launching a platform in 2020 that no longer offers our own productions by language region, but by theme and with subtitles.This will enrich our offering considerably.[…] What this means specifically:When we produce a series for RTS in the future, it will be dubbed so that it is available for RSI and SRF and vice versa immediately.We want to regularly produce our own drama productions, dubbed for TV broadcasting and dubbed or with subtitles for the video-on-demand service.”

SRG director Gilles Marchand in conversation with Culture en Jeu, 31 May 2019, original in French

SRG already has a catch-up platform, where users can watch linear channels at a later time or date.In addition, we are launching another platform that is designed even better for mobile and interregional use and includes documentaries, films and series.We will be creating a common infrastructure throughout Switzerland for this purpose.We want to be able to go live with a first version in 2020.”

Bakel Walden, Director of Service and Development SRG, in an interview with


SRG is committed to replacing analogue radio broadcasting via VHF with DAB+ digital broadcasting technology by the end of 2024 at the latest.

“I am confident that the next big digital wave will be audio. It will have a major impact, just like the one that hit the video sector about fifteen years ago. Linear use of radio stations is declining in Switzerland. At the same time, the average age of listeners is tending to rise.The solution is undoubtedly to add à la carte audio to our traditional DAB+ streams.With this in mind, we will develop a real strategy for Podcast First offerings.Voice-activated control will become the norm.Our media society will move away from the tactile (smartphones) to the verbal (smart speakers).”

SRG director Gilles Marchand at the opening of Radiodays Europe at ETHL in Lausanne, 1 April 2019

Login Alliance

At the last Swiss Media Forum in Lucerne about a year ago, SRG promised to become involved in the initiative launched jointly by the major Swiss publishing houses. This was reported on by and, amongst others.