Pacte de l'audiovisuel

We let Swiss film take centre stage by serving as a media partner for film festivals and supporting numerous productions made either by us or in collaboration with other film-makers. Aside from the Federal Office of Culture, we are the most important patron of Swiss filmmaking.

We therefore make it possible to produce independent Swiss films which could not be financed through the market in a small country like Switzerland. Since 1996, we have been pooling our efforts with those of partners from the Swiss film industry under an agreement known as the “Pacte de l’audiovisuel”.

As part of its commitment to this pact, SRG contributes CHF 27.5 million each year towards the production of films for television and cinema. Of these funds, CHF 14 million is dedicated to television productions, CHF 9 million to cinema projects and CHF 1 million to animated films. We also provide support for multimedia projects.

When the Pacte de l’audiovisuel was renewed in 2016, the distribution rights were adjusted to reflect changes in media use. These changes (shortening the licence period, imposing a time limit on repayment obligations) are designed to ensure the independence of producers.

Under the Pacte de l’audiovisuel, we have invested CHF 400 million into domestic film production, resulting in the release of more than 2,500 films and series and over 130 co-productions. The best of these have received international awards, with films such as “Zwingli”, “#Female Pleasure” and “Wolkenbruch” drawing millions of viewers to the silver screen.


Offizieller Trailer: Zwingli

His life's work made him world famous: Within a few years only the reformer Huldrych Zwingli turned the entire city of Zurich and a firmly established canon of values upside down. With razor-sharp intellect, he dissected the religious and social system, denounced abuses and was not afraid of confronting the most powerful people of his time. In the end, he died, the opponent of war in a war he himself had endorsed.

  • Release: 17 January 2019 
  • Duration: 123 Min.
  • World premiere: Zurich, 09 January 2019
  • Director: Stefan Haupt
  • Script: Simone Schmid
  • Cast: Max Simonischek, Sarah Sophia Meyer, Charlotte Schwaab, Anatole Taubman, Andrea Zogg, Stefan Kurt
  • Production: Anne Walser, Mario Krebs & Roland Stebler, C-Films AG, Zürich
  • Koproduction: Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, Eikon Film Südwest, Teleclub AG, 3sat Zürich, SRG SSR
  • Distribution CH: Ascot Elite Entertainment Group

Broadcasting time devoted to Swiss films on SRG’s channels:
32,718 minutes a year – i.e. 90 minutes a day on average across the six SRG networks.

Submitting co-productions

To apply for funding from the Pacte de l’audiovisuel, producers can submit their dossiers to the relevant editors at SRF, RTS, RSI or RTR. The editors put forward suitable projects to a national group of experts, who decide whether or not to grant funding. 

Multimedia projects can also be submitted to the SRG’s General management.

Meeting dates and contacts Pacte de l'audiovisuel

Documentary, fiction, series
SRF at any time
RTS 12.07.2019
RSI at any time
RTR at any time
Animation films
Deadline dossier Decision
12.10.2019 Bern 12.11.2019
27.12.2019 Solothurn 24.01.2020
22.03.2020 22.04.2020
08.07.2020 Locarno 08.08.2020
11.10.2020 11.11.2020


Sven Wälti (Leiter Pacte de l'audiovisuel)
031/350 94 60

Gregory Catella (Succès passage antenne)
031 350 95 99

Alina Corradi (Medienpartnership)
031 350 97 30

Redaktion SRF

Urs Fitze (Fiktionale Programme)
044/305 58 23

Urs Augstburger (Dokumentarfilme)
044 305 58 29

Gabriela Bloch Steinmann (Animation)
044 305 58 02

Redaktion RTS

Françoise Mayor (Fiktionale Programme)
058 236 95 77

Steven Artels (Dokumentarfilme)
058 236 76 76

Izabela Rieben (Animation) 
058 058 236 84 29

Redaktion RSI

Alessandro Marcionni (Fiktionale Programme)
091 803 53 04

Silvana Bezzola (Dokumentarfilme)
091 803 55 47

Walter Bortolotti (Animation)
091 803 54 70

Redaktion RTR

Bertilla Giossi (Koproduktionen)
081 255 74 32