Send us your question in sign language

Do you have a question about our programme or the SRG in general? Record your question in sign language with your webcam and send it to us. The response you will receive per email is also a video in sign language. 

How to contact us via Silas (Sign Language Service)?

Your video in sign language is professionally translated into text by the SRG enterprise unit SWISS TXT. The SRG will then receive your request for further processing. The reply from SRG is translated back into sign language (video) and sent to you by email.

Data protection is guaranteed at all times, as the entire communication happens within a closed system. It is not necessary to install a programme, nor does it require video skills to use the service.

SILAS can currently be used in the three state sign languages (DSGS, LSF, LIS).

Video on how to use SILAS in sign language (German)