Education for everyone

Education means continuous learning and development. Education imparts new knowledge and helps us to understand the unknown. Education builds bridges between the four languages and diverse cultures that characterise Switzerland. Education promotes freedom of opinion, gives us guidance and shapes the future. Education is a public service.

Education in all its diversity

Education and knowledge help people to achieve success in life. Education is a cornerstone of the Swiss economy. SRG’s wide range of educational programmes generate knowledge for everyone in Switzerland.

Our broadcasts open up a multifaceted array of educational topics, ranging from science and medicine, nature and the animal world, business and consumer protection through to history, art, media, travel and culture. They offer knowledge based on research and practice, provide background information and serve as guides.

In our news and information programmes, we pass on knowledge and education every day – in all four of Switzerland’s national languages. Our unmistakably Swiss view of events builds knowledge and encourages people to form their own opinions freely.

In 2022, 5 % of radio and 13 % of television broadcasting time was devoted to cultural and educational content. SRG spends 17 % of its expenditure on culture, society and education.

Education speaks for itself

Our range of educational programmes for television includes «DOK», «Reporter», «Einstein», «Literaturclub» and «Kulturplatz», as well as formats for schools and teaching such as «SRF School». This covers half a century of learning and education on television – from directly presented school programmes in black and white right through to the multimedia learning platform. The knowledge hubs on the website and the YouTube hub «SRF Wissen» bundle new content and selected topics relating to knowledge & science, health, nature & animals, sustainability, climate change and technology & engineering.

As far as radio is concerned, educational shows such as «Wissenschaftsmagazin», «Kontext», «Perspektiven», «Echo der Zeit», «Espresso» and «Ratgeber» set the tone. «100 Sekunden Wissen» sheds light on fascinating facts for those in a hurry.

Last update: May 2023