SRG SSR is a private association run in accordance with the principles of company law which operates a media company. We fulfil a public mission on the basis of the constitution, law and charter. To do this, we receive money from radio and TV licence fees.

The Swiss Radio and Television Act (RTVG) and – in even greater detail – the relevant regulation as well as the charter of the Federal Council are our guides in our work and determine our tasks. 

These include:

  • content about particular aspects of the programme (freedom of opinion, cohesion between regions, Swiss culture, education, integration and entertainment),
  • similar extensive content in the three largest language regions and adapted content for Romansch Switzerland, online content for the Swiss abroad,
  • distribution through different channels (e.g. UKW, DAB+, DVB-T),
  • online content in accordance with guidelines (e.g. restrictions on text contributions without reference to radio or TV programmes),
  • organisational structure in accordance with guidelines (e.g. structure of the Board of Directors) cooperation with certain departments (film, music, archive etc.).

We also distinguish ourselves from commercial providers with the specific qualitative and ethical requirements of our programmes.

In essence, the government specifies activities, organisation and financing and the Federal Office of Communications oversees our work. Within this scope, we are independent. The Swiss Federal Constitution guarantees our independence and prevents anybody from interfering in our editorial work.


The charter specifies the mission to be fulfilled by our journalistic and editorial content.

  • Three channels each for the German, French and Italian language regions
  • One Romansch channel
  • One modified channel for both the German and French language regions (a modified channel assumes the character and content of the relevant basic channel but is characterised by its own musical tapestry)
  • One channel for young people in German-speaking Switzerland.
  • One music channel for each of classical, jazz and pop music
  • One German-language information channel
  • Two channels each for the German, French and Italian language regions in HDTV quality
  • Programmes for the Romansch language region
  • One German-language repeats channel
  • French-language content with continually updated online information and programme notes
  • Online-only programmes about political, economic, cultural and sporting events of relevance at a language region or national level.
  • Online content linked to programmes (direct temporal and thematic link to editorial programmes or programme segments)
  • Online content not linked to programmes, such as text contributions in the news, sport and regional/local categories (limited to a maximum of 1000 characters per contribution)
  • Background and contextual information about programmes
  • Information about basic knowledge with reference to educational programmes
  • Public forums and games linked to programmes
  • One multilingual online service for foreign countries (SWI)
  • One online service for Italian-speaking audiences close to the border (tvsvizzera.it)

The charter also stipulates that with its programmes and other journalistic content the SRG will contribute to:

  • public freedom of opinion through complete, diverse and pertinent information, particularly with regard to political, economic and social connections
  • cultural expansion and strengthening Swiss cultural values as well as promoting Swiss culture, with special emphasis on Swiss literature, music and film production
  • educating the public, specifically by regularly broadcasting programmes with educational content
  • entertainment