Financial equalisation

As a public media company, SRG stands for solidarity across the Swiss Confederation. We therefore guarantee the provision of audiovisual services in all parts of the country and in all of its national languages.

We are the only media company that produces audiovisual programmes in all four language regions. Our approach based on financial equalisation makes it possible to offer equal, high-quality services in all parts of Switzerland.

We distribute our income from licence fees and advertising across all four Swiss language regions according to a system of financial equalisation: 73 % of the licence fee income comes from German-speaking Switzerland, but it only keeps 43 % of it. French-speaking Switzerland gets 33 % of this income, the Italian-speaking region 22 % and the Romansh-speaking area 2 %. If the people in Italian-speaking Switzerland had to fund RSI programmes on their own, they would have to pay more than CHF 2,300 a year in licence fees instead of CHF 451.

Income from licence fees is used exclusively to finance our programming.

  • Income from licence fees Total 1215 million
  • Redistribution of licence fee income Total 360 million