Solidarity for everyone

SRG is guided by its mandate and self-declared purpose to reach out to everyone in Switzerland. It is therefore organised on a federal basis and actively promotes solidarity. Solidarity is a public service.

We are the only media company that produces audiovisual programmes in all four language regions. We provide our services for the entire population, so they are geared towards the needs of people with a variety of requirements.

We ensure that everyone can access our programmes, including people with sensory disabilities, those from different multicultural backgrounds and those in regions where we can only offer a full service thanks to cross-regional financial equalisation. We aim to unite people across language barriers, regional borders, social groups and generations.

Unlike commercial service providers, we

  • take all language regions and both majority and minority groups into consideration
  • offer a variety of topics, content and formats
  • create culture as well as portraying it
  • strive for quality, credibility and relevance
  • are politically and financially independent

We also show solidarity with regard to humanitarian issues:

The Swiss Solidarity foundation, founded by us, has been raising money for people in need since 1946. The foundation’s activities are carried out by its 25 partners, all of which are accredited Swiss charities. Its assets are subjected to three financial audits and are amongst the best-managed in Switzerland.

This charity fundraising campaign is carried out in collaboration with the Swiss Red Cross, Swiss Post and Coop. It calls on Swiss people to brighten up Christmas for disadvantaged people in Switzerland and abroad with a gift package. 

This foundation was set up by SRF in 1968. It contributes CHF 2-3 million a year to enable over 10,000 handicapped people to enjoy holidays and leisure activities. More than 50,000 individuals, associations and companies in Switzerland have donated some CHF 60 million since the foundation was formed.

The SRF programme «mitenand» (together) provides brief reports every week on health, social and environmental problems in Switzerland and the Third World. The reports tell the stories of those affected and show how private aid organisations are responding to these challenges.

«mitenand» has been under the patronage of SRG since the start of 2005 and is also broadcast on RTS as «ensemble» and on RSI as «insieme».