Fairness and transparency

We are accountable to our licence payers through our actions. We are one of the most transparent media companies in Europe and openly discuss our figures and activities. We publish our programming costs and disclose the costs of our radio stations, as well as facts and figures regarding salaries and staff.

We are keen to be a fair employer for our 6,000 or so members of staff. Since 2013, we have been participating in the government's equal pay dialogue. As things currently stand, women’s salaries at SRG are 3.7 % lower than men’s. Compared to the Swiss economy as a whole, this is a good result (the government’s tolerance threshold is 5 %), but it is not good enough. Together with our social partner, the Swiss Syndicate of Media Professionals (SSM), we are taking steps to further reduce the difference.

With women accounting for 43 % of the workforce, the gender ratio at SRG is relatively balanced. Amongst staff (including trainees) employed under the collective employment agreement (CEA), the proportion of women is 45 %, and amongst managers it is 29 %. We have set ourselves the goal of increasing the share of women in management to 30 % by 2020. 56 % of CEA employees work part time (managers: 17.4 %). To increase the number of part-time managers, we are encouraging part-time contracts for all new appointments.

Transparency in annual reporting

SRG shows how the pay packages for its top executives, managers and staff develop over time, and compares itself with the Swiss economy as a whole, and other companies. It also reports the pay received by members of the executive boards of its Enterprise Units, as well as the average salaries of various groups of professions and selected journalist roles.

The SRF, RTS, RSI and RTR websites state the costs of news and magazine programmes, talk shows, feature films and series, light entertainment and music programming, documentaries and background reporting, and sports programming. All Enterprise Units also publish the costs attached to their radio stations.

The SRF, RTS, RSI and RTR websites provide information on the costs of major national co-productions such as "Gotthard", "DADA DATA" and celebrations to mark Swiss National Day on 1 August. SRG also reports the overall cost of sports rights, which have amounted to an average of 51.2 million Swiss francs per year over the past four years. SRG offers its audience coverage of more than 100 sport disciplines, making it unique in Europe and offering unparalleled value for money: its sports programming costs each household in Switzerland just 1 franc 12 cents per week. In addition to the Olympic Games and popular sports such as football, ice hockey and downhill skiing, SRG provides a platform for others which attract less media attention, such as rowing, fencing, swimming, handball, floorball, volleyball and golf.