Services for people with sensory disabilities

All members of society have the right to enjoy unhindered access to SRG’s services. The wide range of subtitled, audio-described and signed programmes is constantly being expanded – both in terms of content and on a technical level.

SRG has concluded an agreement with seven associations for people with sensory disabilities, thus reaffirming its commitment to support and integrate people with visual and hearing impairments. In specific terms this means that SRG offers content with subtitles, audiodescription and sign language.

SRG will massively expand its offer until 2022:

  • in television, the share of subtitled programmes will be increased to 80 percent
  • the majority of online content will be subtitled
  • programmes in sign language will be increased to 1000 hours and those with audiodescription for the blind to 900 hours.

Last year, 65 percent of SRG TV programmes were broadcast with subtitles for hearing impaired, while during primetime (18:00–22:30) all programmes of the first channels were entirely subtitled in every language region – 37,810 hours in total. Furthermore, on the weekends all live programmes are subtitled from noon.

And some of the programmes available online also have subtitles. For example, it is now possible to activate subtitles on the Play-Apps from SRF, RTS or RSI (

SRF, RTS and RSI have been broadcasting their daily news programmes in sign language since January 2008. SRF also offers «Meteo», «Kassensturz» and «Puls» in sign language and RTS «A bon entendeur». In 2019, SRG broadcast 647 hours in sign language:

  • 238 hours for SRF
  • 234 hours for RTS
  • and 175 hours for RSI (incl. HbbTV).

Thanks to audiodescription which is an ongoing and very precise acoustic description. In 2019, SRG broadcast 882 hours of audiodescription (incl. replays), such as quiz shows, documentaries, movies and series. The RTS series "A l'école hôtellière" and the docu-fiction "100 Jahre Circus Knie" were audiodescribed in every language region. Altogether, SRF offered 503 hours of audiodescription, RTS 211 hours and RSI 168 hours.