Social Plugins

What are plug-ins?

Plug-ins allow us to integrate social media into the SRG online platforms for the convenience of our users. In the following, the various providers of the plug-ins are jointly referred to as the "plug-in providers".

The functions of the plug-ins are deactivated by default to prevent any automatic disclosure of the user data to the provider. Plug-ins (by Shariff) only send the data once they have been activated, i.e. clicked by the user. Your Internet browser then sends the log files (including your IP address) directly to the plug-in provider's server where they may be stored. The server may be located outside the EU or the EEA (e.g. in the USA).

How can you prevent plug-ins from being activated?

If you want to prevent a data exchange between your system and social media, you should log out of the social media before using SRG's online platforms. You should also activate private mode in your browser's data privacy settings.

It also helps to deactivate or limit cookies in your browser settings so that third parties cannot track your browsing behaviour. You can also prevent the plug-ins from loading altogether by using a script blocker as an add-on in your browser.

Does SRG have any influence over the scope of the data processed by the plug-ins?

The plug-ins are independent extensions of the plug-in providers. SRG therefore has no influence over the scope of the data collected via the plug-ins and stored by the plug-in providers. If one of the plug-in providers above has placed cookies on your system, it can record your browsing behaviour and create detailed user profiles using tracking data.

For further information about the purpose and scope of data collection and the processing and use of your data by the plug-in providers, as well as your rights and configuration options to protect your data, please look up the data privacy statements of the respective providers. In the context of our online platforms, we use the social plug-ins of the following providers:

(Last updated: 25.05.2018)