What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are sent to the user's browser and stored there when the user visits a website. When the user visits the same website again, the user's browser sends the contents of the cookie back to the website server so that it can identify the user. 

How long are cookies stored in the browser?

Some cookies are automatically deleted when the browser session ends (these are called session cookies), others are stored in the user's browser permanently or for a particular period of time and delete themselves independently (temporary or permanent cookies).

How can you prevent the use of cookies or delete them?

If you visit the link below, you can see the activation states of the cookies on your system from various suppliers and choose to turn off the collection and processing of your data with their cookies:

There is also a centralized opt-out service for various cookies, mainly from US suppliers, here:

The [technical instructions for changing your browser settings] will show you how to delete cookies in your browser. Alternatively, you can open a settings window by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Delete in most browsers.

Which cookies do we use and for what purpose?

We use cookies to make our website more user-friendly and to measure and evaluate usage of our platforms. Some elements of our website require us to be able to identify the calling browser after switching pages. We also use cookies on our website to analyse our users' browsing behaviour.

Essential cookies

Certain cookies are necessary so that we can provide our online services securely. These include, for example, cookies that

  • serve to identify or authenticate our users
  • temporarily store certain user inputs (e.g. online form content)
  • store certain user preferences (e.g. search or language settings)
  • store data to ensure smooth playback of video and audio content.

Analysis cookies

We use analysis cookies to analyse user behaviour (e.g. subpages visited, search queries performed) in statistical form.

Tracking cookies with social plug-ins

If you use social plug-ins, the suppliers of the plug-ins often store cookies on your system.