Pacte de l'audiovisuel

Pacte de l'audiovisuel

The film industry and SRG have reaffirmed their commitment to Swiss film and will carry their long-standing partnership forward. SRG has pledged an annual 27.5 million Swiss francs to the co-production of Swiss films from 2016 to 2019.

From left to right: Peter Beck (Swissfilm Association), Mariano Tschuor, Roger de Weck (beide SRG), Alexandre Iordachescu, Gérard Ruey (beide Forum romand); Jonas Räber (Schweizer Trickfilmgruppe)

Ever since 1997 the partnership between the Swiss film industry and SRG has been governed by an agreement known as the Pacte de l’audiovisuel. The Pacte sets out the terms and conditions that apply to SRG co-productions with independent film-makers.  

SRG is strengthening its commitment to Swiss film by boosting funding from 22.3 to 27.5 million Swiss francs annually. These additional resources have already been invested in co-productions in recent years, but now they will be included within the formal framework of the Pacte. This reaffirms SRG's dedication to the Swiss film industry, which can now plan ahead with a greater level of security.  

The Pacte de l’audiovisuel supports both made-for-TV and general-release films: 14 million francs is available annually for television productions, and at least 9 million francs per year for cinema projects. For the first time, a share of one million francs has been set aside for animated films. Multimedia projects will continue to be supported beyond the end of the pilot phase.  

The new Pacte contains amendments to distribution rights that reflect the modern reality. In the future, it will also be possible to offer films on the internet before they are broadcast or go on general release. In this way, the Pacte is adapting to shifting patterns of media consumption. Various changes ‒ such as shorter licence periods, and time limits on repayment obligations ‒ have also been made to ensure continued producer independence. 

In a small country such as Switzerland, public funding is essential to television and cinema films. SRG stands alongside the Federal Office of Culture as the mainstay of Swiss film promotion.

Signature Pacte 2016-2019

Simon Hesse (l.) und Michael Steiger, IG
Rolf Schmid (SFP), Kaspar Kasics (ARF/FDS) und Simon Hesse (IG)
Alexandre Iordachescu (GARP), Gérard Ruey (Forum romand), Jonas Raeber (GSFA)
Ruth Waldburger (GARP), Peter Beck (Swissfilm Association), Mariano Tschuor (SRG SSR)
Mariano Tschuor und Roger de Weck, SRG SSR
v. l. n. r.: Ruth Waldburger (GARP), Peter Beck (Swissfilm Association), Mariano Tschuor und Roger de Weck (SRG SSR), Alexandre Iordachescu (GARP), Gérard Ruey (Forum romand), Jonas Raeber (GSFA), Rolf Schmid (SFP), Kaspar Kasics (ARF/FDS), Simon Hesse und Michael Steiger (beide IG)
Thomas Tribolet und Kaspar Kasics
Urs Fitze, Sven Wälti und Sabine Boss
Peter Beck und Roger de Weck
Urs Augstburger im Gespräch mit Jonas Raeber (l.) und Edgar Hagen (r.)
Gabriella De Gara
Samuel Stefan
Sven Wälti und Roger de Weck
Jacob Berger, Sabine Boss, Peter Reichenbach
Jacob Berger (l.) und Sabine Boss
Jonas Raeber und Roger de Weck
Matthias Aebischer
Andrea Zogg (Schauspieler) und Mariano Tschuor (SRG)
Tonia Maria Zindel und Heidi Maria Glössner (Schauspielerinnen)