Smart TV (HbbTV)

Smart TV (HbbTV)

What is Smart TV (HbbTV)?

Smart TV, connected TV, hybrid TV, net TV, HbbTV – in general, these all refer to a combination of traditional TV with the endless world of the Internet. If you buy a new TV, most likely it can be connected to the Internet. That's because in addition to the standard antenna connection, it also has a LAN or wireless WLAN port. What this allows you to do varies from set to set.

In order to harmonize service, quality and technical features, TV manufacturers, broadcasters and software specialists established the HbbTV initiative ( This organization defines uniform guidelines and technical standards so that each HbbTV-capable device works seamlessly. HbbTV stands for "Hybrid broadcast broadband TV", i.e., a connection between broadcast and broadband. As a member of this organization, SRG uses the HbbTV standard in its smart TV programming.

HbbTV offers you simple access to a new world of information on your TV set. For example, you can access additional information about a programme you are watching or actively participate in what's going on through, for instance, televoting. When turning on or switching programmes, a brief fade-in informs you that such additional information is available via the red button function.

Further information about SmartTV (HbbTV) can be found at (content mainly available in German).