Radio Télévision Suisse

Radio Télévision Suisse


With a market share of almost 60 per cent, Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) enjoys a dominant position in the French-speaking western Swiss radio market. RTS offers four stations:

  • La Première, a full-service station that takes its listeners through the day with the latest news and background reports, stories, entertainment and music. 

  • Espace 2, an arts station playing classical and contemporary music, jazz and folk, with features on the arts, history, society, etc., radio plays and many concert broadcasts. 

  • Couleur 3, a youth station playing rock and pop, with features on politics and society and an irreverent presentation style. 

  • Option Musique, a music station playing favourite tunes – most of which come from French-speaking countries – from the last fifty years. News bulletins, traffic reports and weather forecasts complete the station's schedule, which is presented in a lively and informal style.
Director Pascal Crittin
Legal form Subsidiary
Radio established in 1922
TV established in 1954
Programming output radio 2016 (hours) 35,136
Workforce total RTS 2016 (full-time equivalents) 1568
Operating expenses total RTS 2016 (million CHF) 389.2