Information on the Facebook "Like" button

On our website, we use the Facebook "Like" button. If you have a Facebook account, you can click on this button to add a link to this website under "Likes" in your Facebook profile.

Facebook is operated by Facebook Incorporated (Facebook Inc.), a company headquartered in the USA. When you visit websites which incorporate a "Like" button, your browser creates a direct connection with the servers of Facebook Inc. This gives Facebook Inc. access to your user data, which it may store. If you have a Facebook account, Facebook Inc. is also able to match your user data to your profile.

As the default option, our Facebook "Like" button is deactivated to prevent your user data being forwarded automatically to Facebook Inc. when you log into our website. This means that none of your user data will be transmitted to Facebook Inc. unless you click on the "Like" button. No connection to the servers of Facebook Inc. is created until you activate the "Like" button by clicking on it.

Once you have clicked on the "Like" button, we no longer have any control over the user data which Facebook Inc. collects about you. More information on why Facebook Inc. collects this data, the type of data it collects and how the data is used can be found in Facebook's own Data Use Policy (


As at: June 2012