TV online

The websites of the SRG SSR Enterprise Units provide information about individual stations and complement them effectively.

The SRF internet platform responds to the changing needs and expectations of the audience. Whether it is accessed from a static PC or on the move, is a reliable and credible source of information, not to mention a popular and varied platform with high degree of interactivity and entertainment value. has something for the younger and older audience alike, is easy to navigate and presents few barriers to the visually and hearing impaired. In addition to multiplying relevant programme content via internet services, SRF creates independent online worlds that are also reflected in its conventional TV schedules. complements the Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS) offering. Viewers are given the opportunity to review in-house productions, call up the latest news, find out about the weather forecast and forthcoming television programmes, read specific programming notes and even take part in competitions or discussion forums that are held in connection with RTS programmes or events., the Radiotelevisione svizzera (RSI) website, provides its audience with information on its Italian-language radio and television services. It also offers on-demand audio and video services in the form of full news and current affairs programmes or individual items. The RSI archives are also made publicly available via dedicated themed web pages. complements the radio and television services of Radiotelevisiun Svizra Rumantscha (RTR). The online offering is being extended continuously as part of the added value strategy. For example, all of the news and current affairs programmes produced by Radio Rumantsch (RR) and Televisiun Rumantscha (TR) have been available online as audio or video items since the beginning of 2005.