Commercial Officer, EFZ Federal Certificate of Competency (3 years)

Commercial Officer, EFZ Federal Certificate of Competency (3 years)


  • Good graduating grades from secondary school
  • Logical, analytical thinker; interest in how the economy works; good knowledge of German and foreign languages
  • Hard work, commitment, good communication skills, people person, team player


  • Duration: 3 years
  • Profile: "E" profile
  • Sector: Service and administration
  • Vocational college: Wirtschafts- und Kaderschule KV Bern
  • Days in college: 2 days a week in the 1st and 2nd years, 1 day a week in the 3rd year
  • Workplace training: Practical training in a variety of areas and departments
  • Qualification: EFZ Federal Certificate of Competence as a Commercial Officer ("Kauffrau/Kaufmann EFZ, E-Profil")


Two apprenticeships available for 2014.

Taster apprenticeships/work experience

General Management offers 2-day taster apprenticeships for interested students. The number of places is limited. Ask Livia Gerber about a taster apprenticeship. Please include your CV and your preferred timing. (Ausbildung.GD(at)

Further information

General Management
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Tel.: +41 31 350 93 51

Basic training manager:

Miriam Schwab
Direct line: +41 31 350 93 81 
e-mail: miriam.schwab(at)