Ulrich Gygi

Ulrich Gygi

Member of the Board of Directors of SRG SSR

SRG SSR / Marcel Grubenmann

Member of the Board of Directors since 2008

Ulrich Gygi holds a doctorate in economics from the University of Bern. Having worked as an assistant lecturer at the Institute of Business Management at the University of Bern, he joined the Federal Finance Administration (FFA) in 1979. Following a short period with the former Federal Office of Organisation, he returned to the FFA, where he was promoted to Deputy Director in 1986 and to Director in 1989. In the summer of 2000 he took over as CEO of Swiss Post, where he remained until March 2009. From 2009 until June 2016 he was Chairman of the Swiss Federal Railways' Board of Directors. 

Directorship: BNP Paribas (Switzerland) SA, Geneva; Furrerhugi AG, Bern.

Central Secretary

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